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2007-12-24 04:06:53 by mattself

this is a pic for psps i like it so yeah use it if u have one



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2007-12-29 02:54:37



2008-02-24 05:26:11

As a member of the Flash Animation group TEAM AWESOME you should know that it is your duty to submit flash for the team. Here are some projects you might want to participate in that are already in progress with other members of the team:

-collab(specs: 30 seconds, 24 fps, default sizes, andwhite background.)

As of when this post was made thats all the collabs you can choose to take part in. You may also start your own flash and submit it as a TEAM AWESOME flash. But please PM Maxaroni5 when you submit it so he can check it out.

So long for now and we hope to see some AWESOME projects from you soon.

Best Regards,
Team Awesome President